July 21, 2016 SIGNAGE

For the past year Fuse Design has been designing and installing one of a kind kitchens for clients who want something more than just a pretty front. They want function, durability, design, detail and the assurance that someone will see them through the complete process. Each clients needs are incorporated into their unique and beautiful kitchen that will perform above their expectations. 

July 21, 2016 marked a significant day in the life of Fuse Design. While Fuse’ staff continued to meet with clients and assemble their showroom,  outside a special activity was taking place. 

Just as the name suggests, the signage being mounted came into being after  weeks of consultation, collaboration, planning and fabrication. Fusing numerous ideas, concepts, people groups and production options culminated in the installation of the FUSE Design signage.

Is this earth shattering news? No!

But what we hope this reflects is our desire to work together with clients and businesses alike to achieve results that work for them and that have lasting beauty and functionality. 

13716030_891690480959381_6622664163314368525_n IMG_14422