Case Study:

Kootenay Dr, Saskatoon

New kitchen for a 60’s style home that is situated in the beautiful River Heights area of Saskatoon.


Designer: E. Caroline Design

Species: Clear Alder

Door Style: P10-57-57

Finish: Kitchen in Moreno.

Premiums: Swing out garbage and towel bar. Cutlery tray, wood tray dividers, Lemans corner swing out unit.


The clients wanted an updated space that reflected their modest tastes but also added functional storage.


Removing a stub wall that separated the kitchen from the dining area opened up the traffic lane between the two areas. In addition, removing the upper cabinets that previously were over the peninsula really opened everything up. Taking the cabinets up to the ceiling not only gave more storage and function, it added height to the kitchen.
Fridges continue to be a design challenge. In this case, increased depth caused door clearance as well as kitchen traffic flow issues. Moving the fridge across the kitchen into a slightly deeper than typical (27-inch depth) cabinet provided the appearance of being built in. It also provided opportunity to add more storage space on the same wall and tie in the existing pantry area to the rest of the kitchen.
Additional counter space was gained in the working area around the sink and range.