Case Study:

Beckett Green, Saskatoon

The homeowners did a complete makeover of their kitchen area that increased the direct access for family and guests to gather round a kitchen that just invites you to be part of the meal preparation or just a good ole chat session. The island was to be the hub for preparation, entertaining, seating and eating. This project took the typical standard builder kitchen which lacked style and function to the “wow” factor level that enhanced style+purpose.


Designer: Wayne Fritz – FUSE DESIGN

Species: MDF/Alder

Door Style: Shaker

Finish: Benjamin Moore Simply White on MDF. Charcoal wood stain on Alder with a matte clear lacquer finish on island fronts. Melamine maple interiors. Melamine Maple drawers.

Premiums: swing out garbage, heavy duty pantry rollouts, towel bar, cutlery tray, wood drawer divider, wood cookie sheet dividers, wood spice organizer base pullout, furniture toe kick on island


(1) Remove the typical walk-in corner pantry unit and create storage space the provided easy access, ample storage and organization. As best explained by our client;
“The corner pantry became a place for food storage, small appliances, recycling, everything in no particular order!! Needless to say, even though the pantry contained ‘everything’ we couldn’t find ‘anything’ in there. “
(2) Create an attractive kitchen/dining experience while eliminating the traditional kitchen table eating area.


Design an oversized island that provides cooking, cleaning, storage and sitting all in one area that includes, “our friends and family to have a place in the heart of the kitchen”. The island houses an under counter microwave allowing easy access to a cooking appliance that often sits on a counter or is too high to reach. The new wall ovens provide great cooking space and convenient access that is easy to reach without bending over. Cookie sheet dividers and large pan storage directly above allow for quick easy access to most baking utensils. Large drawer storage directly below and to the left and right of the cooktop put all your heavy pots, dishes and cookware at your fingertips minimizing heavy lifting or overreaching. The full extension slides throughout the kitchen, including the pantry shelves allow for easy access to all stored goods. Under counter storage on the back side of the island provided quick access to the less frequent used counter top appliances.
Augmenting the area with LED lights in the cooking area helps maximize the natural light throughout the room and create a welcoming space for family and friends to gather around the large working island to help prepare meals, visit or just relax.
We were able to create a working kitchen that’s timeless beauty and style matched its functionality.