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Pallet Clock – the story

Although slavery has been abolished worldwide, there are still an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today. A large portion of those are women and children, trafficked in the sex trade.


This clock was made with a lot of love in order to help women and children who are enslaved, exploited, trafficked or at risk for the same. Operation Mobilization has teamed up with The Joy Smith Foundation to build a safe house here in Canada for girls and women rescued from the sex trade.

 Local women here in Saskatchewan are raising funds to contribute to this project. These pallet clocks are one of their fundraisers. The clock mounted on the wall above was created by Kelly Kehler and Sheri Kroeker of Dalmeny SK.

They also participate in an event called The Freedom Climb which gives an opportunity for women around the world to symbolically climb for women and children around the world. It allows women of all ages, places and walks of life to stand up and get involved in this battle against the degradation and dehumanization of women and children globally. Soccer moms, grand-moms, and students are all invited to join in a united voice to declare that these atrocities need to end.

“Human traffickers are empowered by public apathy and emboldened by despair. So let us shake off the shackles of indifference, and refuse to be complacent. Let us work together to bring an end to this injustice as we rescue the victims of modern day slavery.” 

Joy Smith, – Member of Parliament 2004 to 2015

Contact our office for additional information of how you can become involved.